The idea was an invitation of Giuseppe Capparelli, he suggested that  Piotr Hanzelewicz and Nicola Rotiroti reflected on the concept of perfume, while walking along the Camino de Santiago.
Peppe Gero
Piotri Hanzelewicz
Nico Piotr Ridi
Nicola Rotiroti
Piotr Santiago
Cammino di Santiago
Perfume, Denial of Sight Mask, a form of present representation through consumption, which is masked by the idea of individual desire
La Nasa
What does it mean to live only through smell

Film: Real Water

Story of a boy who finds it hard to see his face.
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Air and Water

In Puglia water was distributed with trucks and it was sold to farmers to water their vegetable plots.
From here we start thinking and imagining a container that can both host the perfume’s ampoule and invite the public to take the container and wear it, thus entering an aseptic dimension where no perfume can exist, and at the same time, hide the wearer from view. After several attempts, we thought about our hands and how we used them when we were children to cover our faces when we didn’t want to be seen or we were hiding ourselves when we cried. Hands that create a shell, that we put our face into.

Construction of the container

September 2018 arrives and along with Piotr and Valentina I go to Alberobello in Puglia and we bring a video where the sky, the plants, and the grass are breathtaking, and where a whirling, gurgling vertigo leads the eye to get lost in nature and awakens the voice of a child within you who says, “what are you doing? Run away.” In addition to the 380 drawings of noses, realized on four drawing pads brought inside the “Casarossa”, a notorious place – but we only found that out when we it arrived there – in the 40s it had hosted a prison camp for about 200 . We find ourselves in this place, the grandson of a partisan of Czechoslovak origin who died in Birkenau and Piotr, son of the first Polish migration to Italy. Absence, Presence, Ghosts.
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Piotr Hanzelewicz
Itinerant Assistant Pizza Chef Playroom entertainer Woodland “Hunter” Boomerman Choiral singer (bass – baritone) Vass player Youth Educator Anti-shoplifting labeller Stimulator / generic worker porter / editor gardener English-speaking interpreter
Polish-speaking interpreter and translator (official reports) Shiatsu massager music therapist School assistance, home assistance Outbound call center operator CPA operator c / o IPM Energy promoter Writer Non-armed night watchman with special transport vehicle Snow shoveller on behalf of the Municipality of Pescara (PE)