“I came out of the water and walked into baroque churches, viewing them through the same distortion, with all my intrinsic worries and fears. I wondered around Rome with my camera, looking for baroque churches. I photographed them topographically, from the floor bottom to high roof, from the inside and from the outside. I took on average 300 photos of each church (thankfully today the photographs were digital.). Then I continued with my method of selection, that is, I looked and I got lost in the myriad of photos I had taken “What convinced me, I moved into Photoshop, attempting a simulation that I would then have achieved by painting. I began to destroy it, distort it, break it up, through strong, expressive, full brushstrokes. using gold leaf, I placed fields of gold alongside each other with each brush stroke. I was so very angry, because my dear friend Fabio had died. Who knows where he is now? Oh well, I remember it very well and then dedicated this work to him with an exhibition, entitling, Lo Re, taken from Fabio’s surname. “